1. On the Road
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On the Road

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Written By: Kari J.
Arranged By: Kari J. and Billy Lefler Backing Vocals: Kari J. and Billy Lefler Lead Vocals: Kari J.
Instrumentation By: Billy Lefler Producer: Billy Lefler
Mixed By: Billy Lefler
Mastered By: Evren Göknar
Recorded By: Caleb Connor
Thank you to all the patrons on patreon.com/CelestialBlueMusic, especially Val, Barbara, Doug and Jo ~ thank you for being my patrons every day in every way!!
SPECIAL THANKS to the following supporters who made this production specifically possible: Martha (and Raphael) Brown-Rodriguez; Jeff Gebhardt (terrainband.com); Lisa Martin (LisaChaly.com); Thomas Kilgore-Brown; Jim Harrison (facebook.com/jim.harrison), Alice Beesley (facebook.com/singsongwrite); Sarah Louderbough; John Acheson (GeekyBrew.com); Akira Komatsu (akirakomatsu.com); Juli Wright (julisongs.com); Barbara and John Chaney (turquoisedirect.com); Ann, Dave, and Johnny Shapiro (craigmorecreations.com); Joanne Carter.